Saturday 28 September 2013

Fifty Percent Boredom, Fifty Percent Terror

According to war photographer Andy Clark, the Gulf War in Iraq (1991) was fifty percent boredom, fifty percent terror.  Here are some pictures from the conflict called "Desert Storm".

Me, leaning against a blown out Iraqi tank while embedded with the US 2nd Armour (Forward) inside Iraq north of Kuwait border.

Photographer Andy Clark courtesy

Tank courtesy

A file photo dated February 26, 1991 of a U.S. soldier standing night guard as oil wells burn in the distance in Kuwait, just south of the Iraqi border on the last night of the Gulf War. Hundreds of burning oil wells lit up the sky after they were sabotaged by retreating Iraqi soldiers.  REUTERS/Andy Clark

Fires in the distance courtesy

File photo of a Saudi Arabian resident trying on a gas mask issued to him by the government in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on January 10, 1991.  REUTERS/Andy Clark

Gas mask courtesy

Two Kuwaiti Air Force fighter pilots greet each other on the tarmac after landing at the coalition airbase in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in January of 1991.  REUTERS/Andy Clark

Comrades courtesy

While spending a couple days with U.S. Marines prior to the war I was given the opportunity to fire a couple of mortars with the hand held during a live fire exercise.

Photographer and soldiers examine firearms courtesy

A dead Iraqi soldier lies near vehicles abandoned on the 'Highway of Death' north of Kuwait City, Kuwait March 1, 1991. REUTERS/Andy Clark

A casualty of war courtesy

Highway of death courtesy

Desert Storm circa 1991 courtesy

General Schwarzkopf courtesy

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