Saturday 26 May 2012

Shopping for a Suit

About a month ago, I started investigating prices on suits for my son Thomas for his Grade 8 graduation in June.  Someone kindly offered to lend us her son's suit, but unfortunately it was a little bit snug.  I checked out Value Village, but I couldn't find one in Thomas' size and colour.  Someone kindly gave us a coupon for Moore's so we went there next.  I figured we would be able to rent a suit for about $80 and the coupon was for $40 so I though we would get half off.  The young lady took Thomas's measurements and then had him pick out a vest and tie.  Finally, we met at the cash register and the lady presented me with the rental agreement to sign; however, I wanted to know the final price first.  The grand total was $160 -- for one evening's wear! 

Now, a few years ago I might have just signed on the dotted line, given how much time the lady spent serving us, eventhough the suit was a lot more than I was led to believe it would be.  However, the older I get, the more I realize the value of a dollar, and the more that I get irked when I feel like I'm being ripped off.  So, I kindly thanked the lady and kept the piece of paper with the measurements, saying we would think about it. 

My friend Mary Ann told me that we could own a suit for $100.  I said to myself "This I have to see to believe."  So today we headed to the Meadowlands in Ancaster to International Clothiers.  I had phoned in advance to get some prices.  How refreshing it was to find that what they had advertised was indeed true:  they had $300 suits for $75!  Thomas picked out a simple black suit and tried it on.  He chose a red shirt with a red striped tie.  The grand total was $96.  I was smiling from ear to ear, on a high from the feeling that I had just gotten a great deal.  Now Thomas will look smart for his graduation, as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter (and any other special occasion).  We should get a year out of it at least since the pants are a bit long and the waist can be let out.  It pays to shop around!

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