Monday 23 April 2012

The Captain

Wow!  She's such a beauty and she's all mine.
What a chance to sail for the White Star Line.
Flaunting four funnels placed all in a row;
Four city blocks long with tugboats in tow.
Dropping the anchor twenty horses hauled.
I check my log for our first port of call.
We stop in Cherbourg, Southampton and Cork.
Now we're steaming on cue towards New York.
What a lovely evening; the stars are out.
It's the perfect night for a walkabout.
That crisp, fresh air makes me ready for bed.
But how about a cup of tea instead?
WAIT!  What was that awful, terrible crash?
The stewards tell me her side has a gash!
What should I do here?  What words should I say?
Should I take action or should I just pray?
They told me her compartments were airtight.
Yet it seems as if we're sinking tonight.
They told me there were no icebergs to check
Yet I see pieces of ice on the deck.
Can I save my stately ship from demise?
Should I tell the truth or a bunch of lies?
Water's filling our hold due to the blast.
Where are the rowboats?  Let's fill them up fast!
Let all womena and children get off first.
Another boiler is about to burst.
My S.O.S. is getting me nowhere;
That fool's completely ignoring our flares.
I should have retired when I had the chance.
Now I hear the brass band play the last dance.
There aren't enough lifeboats for everyone.
Will my ship last 'til the rise of the sun?
We've only a short time left on this boat.
With so much water, we won't stay afloat.
I pray my passengers' lives you will spare.
Losing my crew would be too much to bear.
Please forgtive me for this awful mistake!
Make it a nightmare from which I'll awake!

Linda Jonasson, August 1, 2006.

Painting courtesy

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