Tuesday 13 March 2012

The Black Forest Inn

My introduction to the Black Forest Inn took place 21 years ago.  My soon-to-be fiance, Rob, took me there for his Oma's 80th birthday party.  The waitresses were dressed in dirndls.  The atmosphere was quaint.  And the schnitzel (my first time trying it) was amazing!  In fact, I was so impressed that when Oma stopped going there for her birthday, I started going there for mine.  Every year Rob and I celebrate my birthday there.  We sit in a booth.  Rob orders soup and I order a garden salad (with oil and vinegar).  Then we both order a wiener schnitzel with home fries, garnished with a quarter of tomato and some lettuce leaves.  Every year it is delicious and every year we go away full and content. 

The Black Forest Inn, which serves German and Austrian cuisine, is located on King Street East at Ferguson Avenue in Hamilton.  It opened in 1967, attracting recent German immigrants in the city.  In fact, there were other German businesses on the same block:  Denningers, a shoe store, a butcher, a deli called the "Eggnest", a bookstore called "Metelka" and a radio and import store.  One by one, the businesses closed, as the German immigrants left the area.  However, two businesses remained on the block:  Denningers and the Black Forest Inn.  Their old customers kept coming back and in time their clientele grew to include non-Germans as well. 

If you do not like schnitzel, the Black Forest Inn also serves homemade sausage, goulash and chicken cordon bleu.  They offer tasty desserts like apple strudel and Black Forest cake.  So, the next time you visit Hamilton, check it out!  It's worth the trip!

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