Wednesday 15 February 2012

Silly Katze, Tricks are for Kids!

Remember the Trix cereal commercial from the 1970's in which a rabbit tries to steal Trix cereal from kids, and each time they respond with "Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!"?  Well, every time our cat Midnight performs a trick, I say "Silly Katze, tricks are for kids!" 

Midnight is a constant source of entertainment.  Like a dog, she plays fetch with her little red ball.  We throw it, she retrieves it and brings it back to us in her mouth.  She loves to chase her "mousey toy" as Jacqueline calls it.  When she gets it, she always hides it somewhere, sometimes not to be found for several days.  It is true what they say about cats being curious; Midnight is curious about whatever we have at the moment.  If we are eating, she smells our food.  If Rob is showering, she's peeking her head in the shower, even if she gets wet.  If Jacqueline is reading a book, she sniffs at the edges of the pages.  "Curiousity killed the cat" is not just a wives' tale.

One of the cutest things that Midnight does takes place at the breakfast table.  Rob, who likes to sleep in, is almost always the last one to wake up.  Thomas Jacqueline and I are seated at the table and Midnight jumps up into Rob's empty chair.  She knows that she's not allowed on the table so instead she tries to steal something off of the table, namely Rob's spoon.  First a furry head with little ears appears.  Then a black paw appears, inching the spoon closer to the edge of the table.  Then the other paw appears.  Then, we hear a clunk as the spoon falls to the floor.  Her work is done.

Yes, not all tricks are reserved for dogs or rabbits.  Cats have a few tricks up their sleeves.  I look forward to tomorrow morning when I hear the spoon clang on the floor and say:  "Silly Katze, tricks are for kids!"

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