Wednesday 26 December 2012

Go Nuts!

Christmas is the time to crack open nuts and munch on them.  Match each nut with the correct description.

1.  chestnuts                 a.  protein rich; used by Navajos in commerce

2.  walnuts                    b.  selenium rich; hails from South America

3.  cashews                   c.  Vitamin E rich; white chocolate cookies

4.  almonds                   d.  fibre rich nut used in pies

5.  hazelnuts                  e.  Vitamin C rich; used for roasting

6.  pecans                     f.  Omega 7 nut found in Christmas stockings

7.  pistachios                 g.  iron rich nut found in East Indian cuisine

8.  macadamia nuts        h.  calcium & magnesium rich nut; French origin

9.  Brazil nuts                 i.  copper rich nut often found in chocolate

10.  pine nuts                 j.  potassium rich nut found in ice cream


1.  e
2.  f
3.  g
4.  h
5.  i
6.  d
7.  j
8.  c
9.  b
10.  a

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