Thursday 26 November 2015

Mickey Goldhill's "Get Up...Cause Mickey Loves You" Speech

"Get up you son of a b*ch, get up cause Mickey loves you!" (Mickey Goldhill)

In the original Rocky movie, Rocky's manager is an old crusty fellow named Mickey Goldhill.  He becomes Rocky's mentor, even a father figure for the young boxer.  As Rocky trains for his big fight with Apollo Creed, Mickey gives him a much needed pep talk.  These are his words:

"That Apollo won't know what hit him.  You're going to roll over him like an Italian bulldozer.  You know kid, I know how you fell about this fight...If you wasn't here I probably wouldn't be alive today. The fact that you're here and doing as well as you're doing gives me -- what do you call it -- motivization to stay alive.  Cause i think that people die sometimes when they don't want t o live no more.  Nature's smarter than people think.  Little by little we lose our friends, we lose everything -- keep losing and losing till we say:  What the hell am I living around here?  I've got no reason to go on.  But with you kid, boy I've got a reason to go on.  And I'm going to stay alive.  And I will watch you make good.  And I'll never leave you.  Cause when I leave you, you'll not only know how to fight, you'll be able to take care of yourself outside the ring, too.  Is that okay?"

He gives Rocky a gift, the cuff link given to him by Rocky Marciano.

"It's got to be like an angel sitting on your shoulder.  If you ever get hurt and you feel that you're going down.  This little angel is going to whisper in your ear:  'Get up you son of a b*ch, get up, cause Mickey loves you!'" (

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