Thursday 13 June 2013

I am a Writer

I am a writer.  They are four little words.  In the past three days I have heard them several times.  It takes a long time for those words to sink in.  For even though I blog everyday, even though I have written 60 poems (four of which are published), even though I have 12 published articles to my name, even though I have written a picture book (yet to be published), I still find it hard to believe I am a writer.

I am a writer.  As I gathered at Write! Canada 2013 this weekend, those four words were on my mind.  I dined with other writers.  I shared a dorm with other writers.  I attended workshops with other writers.  I sat under the trees and chatted with other writers.  I browsed for books in the bookstore with other writers.  I stayed up until midnight munching on Smart Corn and laughing myself silly with other writers.  

I am a writer.  You know the old saying:  "Fake it until you make it."  Maybe if I say those four words enough times, they will start to ring true.  I need to write them down on a giant sticky note.  I need to post them on my fridge.  I need to remind myself every day.  

I am a writer.  I am a poet, a blogger, a journalist, an aspiring picture book author.  While the genre may change, the message is still the same.  God has called me to write.  He has inspired me to write.  He has breathed the words into me.  God has called me to write and that is what I will do -- not for the money, not for the fame, not for the prestige.  I will write to share my story, a story that only I can tell.  And next summer I will return to Write! Canada to say those four sweet words once again:  "I am a writer."

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