Sunday 11 March 2012

A Baby and a Toddler

I got to cuddle with a baby this weekend.  I got to read to a toddler -- the same book over and over again.  It brought back lots of memories of my own children at that age.  I miss the little sounds that a baby makes.  I miss the wide-eyed innocence of a toddler.  I miss kissing a baby's belly and hearing him laugh.  I miss holding a toddler's hand as we walk down the street.  I miss playing "A Lady Went to Market" as I bounce a baby on my knee.  I miss the pure heart of a toddler:  "I love you, Aunty Linda."  I miss closing your eyes and almost falling asleep as a baby falls asleep against your chest.  Or kissing a toddler between the bars of the bannister railing.  I miss putting a tuque on a baby.  Or zipping up a toddler's coat.  I miss teaching a baby a new word.  Or trying to decipher the words of a toddler -- although my nephew speaks quite clearly for the most part.  I miss singing a lullaby to a baby.  Or listening to a toddler sing.  I miss watching a baby bounce.  Or watching a toddler bounce a ball.  I miss the smell of baby powder when I change a baby's diaper.  I miss the cheer a toddler lets out when he goes on the potty rather than in his pants.  I miss taking a baby for a walk.  Or a toddler asking if you want to go for a ride with him in his "double-double stroller".  Thank you to my nephews Bo and Mason for a fun weekend.  It was a great learning experience.  I love you!

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  1. We are loving spending a year with not one, not two, but (gulp) twenty-five toddlers here. They are amazing little people with so little, but are so happy and love so unconditionally!