Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fast Facts about Fall

1.  People sleep better in the fall due to the cooler temperatures.

2.  Apples are a natural teeth whitener and help prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

3.  Leaves become their most vivid in colour after a succession of warm sunny days in autumn.

Fall Leaves Colorful Green

4.  Men and women's testosterone levels are at their highest in the fall.  The cooler temperatures make people want to cozy up together.  It is a popular season to start dating or get engaged.

5.  Pumpkins were once recommended to get rid of freckles and cure snake bites.

6.  The United States has about 203 billion leaf bearing trees.

7.  The first day of fall is one of two days where you can stand an egg on its end.

8.  Each fall, the black capped chickadee's hippocampus swells by 30%, enabling it to remember where it stored its seeds.

9.  The Arctic tern migrates 11,000 miles in the fall.

10. Autumn babies, those born between September and November, are more likely to live to 100.

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